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interview with mr Mozffarian

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R- Hello Mr. Mozffarian may you please introduce yourself.
M- Hello, I am Mohammad Reza Mozaffarian. God blessed me was born in a family had a special guild that I know 6 generations before myself and all worked in this guild and I was encouraged to work in this field too by the way it is a very good job. Our work is a mirth job and we are a partner to people happiness, in weddings, celebrations, … while we deal with the nature. When the stones coming out from heart of nature is very enjoyable and our elders have proved their properties in the human life that I don't enter in this subject now because it is a long story and there is no time in this interview to talk about it. When I was in grade 3 in high school went to military service and I was my father's partner and I remember that my grandfather always asked me about the job. I entered the job officially and I apprenticed my father about 20 years. Understanding stones, colour stones, diamond, berlian and grading them and then learned designing jewelry academically. In early revolution in Iran we worked in hotel which that time we didn't have tourist very much, and perhaps we didn't have income but we had calmness but that calmness and empty space caused financial loss for us but this caused me to reach in that empty space to other interests.
One of my interest is sport which at the time being it is about 37 years I am skiing. My another interest is sociology that I started with the book called "Finding friend ethic" which my father gave me. I was Mr. Hellat's student when I was young. And also I was many teacher's student like professor Feresheye Mir Hashemy. I passed a course of mental health growth by professor Majd. It is about 20 years that I am a member of behavioral analysis institute.
R- So this point of view of yourself is related to your childhood.
M- Of course I forgot to say one thing. This our empty work caused me to reach to my making brand. I was owner of a historical job which was done traditionally and I intended to up – to – date it and because I was close to Industrial Management University, I went there at noon and finished 14 courses of management and I was Mr. Yazdanian's student in Basic Music when I was 12 years old and I had actively in Classic Music performance.
R- How you could do all of these jobs?
M- You asked a very good question, by the same like you that we were with you but how did you find time to do all these things? A man who teached me and had great influence in my life was 70 years old man had sat close to me when I was in the class of knowing Berlian and its grading in Ministry of industries and Mines and was from North of country and later I understood I had sat close to Fereidoon Samiey who is an Optometrist, retired Major General, specialist in Tiny and large writing, Tar and Piano Musician, who was predominate in 4 languages and it was interesting for me that he came at noon and talk about last night England football and it was unbelievable a person could have time to do all these things, Of course Mr. Feresheye Mir Hashey helped me in planning and concentration to be able timing in my works and how to do each one of them, knowing my goals and planning for them. Now when I look myself really it is question for me how to pass them all. Ministry of the interior had affection for me and choosed me as a national deserve manager, but I am in the first way in my opinion and have reached to middle age recently and I gathered all of these for second part of my life.
R- So planning has helped you?
M- Planning is the most important part of a goal. The world always stands up out wishes and only the person is successful to be able to pass this crisis. I enjoyed my life enough and reached to my goals with effort and tried to learn things during stages of my life. I could be in comfort but it was not my goal. For example after Kermanshah earthquake I went to behavior analysis institute to learn something that when I went to Kermanshah what kind of works to do and how to talk to them and this behavior is very important after the crisis, because if you cannot help you may damage with your words. Of course I have not gone to Kermanshah yet till to go there for the time they really need. I believed like a person lose one of his dears up to 40 days people are around him and after 40 days he understands what happened and he need more help. Excuse me couldn't give short resume, some people are disagree to go one branch to another, but because I was in hotel I saw people from all over the world and it seems to me that it is very good to grow and to be multidimensional.
R- Are you fine in your place now?
M- Really if I want to say I am very fine and I am in middle age crisis and I am not satisfied with many of works I have done but this internal subject isn't shown from my exterior behavior and perhaps it is because pain of society goes up to bone marrow. I have gold at my behind showcase but when I see a person pass beside my showcase with regret don't feel good and I like all pass with pleasure, perhaps discomfort of today relates to community member M
R- How old is your career?
M- My family job started by watch mating and reached to this job. The beginning of this job was about 170 years ago and we are about two centuries in this job.
R- Have you registered your work to your name?
M- Unfortunately because there is no copy right rule in Iran we could go toward it, what we have, pictures, writings, and memories. This job was not brand from the first day and was not famous. My grandfather's grandfather has made it himself and has sold them in shah abdolazim as street peddler, but from the time of my father's grandfather the name of Mozaffarian became a brand and then reached to my grandfather and at the time being my grandfather is supreme of this job.
R- Who are you customers? Are they Iranian or foreign?
M- It was different in different governments, and financial facilities damaged us. 
If you don't have credit card no foreign person can buy you. We damaged a lot by sanctions, and 98 percent of customers are Iranian but for the place we are not in sight, and we are making ready ourselves to advance our work in suitable time.
R- I saw planning at your showcase from animals like cat, spider, … where from has come these plans.
M- It has two parts. One part comes from archelogy which is seen in caves and early humans and is taken from nature and all artists inspirate from nature and ancient. But about myself I was a kid in a crowded and intimate family and because we are hobble we were together in all feasts.
We gathered all family like causings and … in grandfather's yard and our hobby ended to worm and beetle and … and when we went to North of Iran we had the same hobby in the river edge. I took a snake once when I was 9 years old and I loved animal from childhood and when I entered this job, big part of my work assigned to the animals and one of my collections is related to animals and tried part of benefit of this section is spent for animals going extinct.
R- How many of these animals are there in your collection?
M- Tens and perhaps hundreds and we have plan from many animals but intent independently use them for wild life as help.
R- Do you have pet now?
M- Till 7 – 8 years old of my first daughter my house was not lack of zoo. I had 2 dogs encouraged me for circulating in the wild and a lot of other animals but I decided in a week to free all the animals with guidance of environment except the dogs that they were with us until the end of their life. I have no pet at all now.
I put aside the fish sometimes ago and went to this real view that look animals in their natural place belonging to us. Science of the day says animals are free in the wild life of in shape of unproductive in the human hands or in the shelter. I didn't believe in this fact up to months ago till a specialist proved this subject for me.
R- Are you animal supporter?
M- I like to be.
R- What actions do in this context?
M- I have done a series of works for animals. For example to release my animals was difficult for me but I have done it. I tried to plant the seed of loving nature and environment to the heat of my kids by taking them to the dairy cattle and poultry forms and showing them an egg while opening. I am nature sweeper. Whenever I go there I sweep there.  I went to swamps and collected the net hunters which are murderer of animals. Totally in my idea the human should keep the nature life.
We cannot chanting slogans and we cannot dissolve everything with money. Model of our life is effective in nature and teach other a lot of things. We try to effect extending Iranian animals, but our influence will not be in shape of short effect and our current actions may will effect 30 years later and I know that I am owe to my mother's prayers.
I have come out healthy from avalanche, I have come out from shark stomach, I freezed and revive again. I was never afraid of nature even herd of wolves because in my idea it is really not afraid. These films are frightened us. If we don't get close to their territory and don't bother their kids will not do anything to us.
R- Have you put auctions collections items of animals plan?
M- I prefer to burn like paraffin instead of sulfur. Surprises are not match with me very much.
R- Well, for example are there people to cooperate if it is done every two month? 
M- We are talking about it very much to be able to do it internationally. Because for our background family we have different antiques which cannot be found similar it. Means I can auction items that are really valuable, but I don't have time now but your suggestion is very encouraging to be excuse for helping the nature. As a matter of fact first of all my works which are produced for helping the environment should aware everyone and then could find who love nature and put that big sale all bronze statue related to animals. Perhaps others places come and participate in this program and I like from the heart to do this work not for making me great but with whole love I like to do this work however my work and I will be seen too and everything comes to me is for my mother's prayers. I have been presented in charities in youth. It is our duty to put out our makes and present. Our true self and I learnt  to be myself first and I studied these in a book by sort that said if you try to be yourself, others will see your true self. For this reason other people have grace to me and say to get energy by me and for the time being it is not me to help the nature but it is the nature to help me and I don’t  know myself as an artist, but I know myself as a leader or art seller.
R- Could you tell a memory that has made you happy or sad?
M- I have a lot of memories. I was walking in Mahmood Abad beach last year. I was passing a dry pond that I felt something moving then I understood a fishing net left on the ground and a turtle was trapped into it and perhaps remained to months. When I rescue it and washed it, started eating leaves and had a nice feeling and once I took a snake next to the beach and put it in a bottle and forgot to take it off my bicycle and when I understood it is died I had bad feeling.
R- You planned jewelry for humans, have you ever had program for making jewelry for animals like collar?
M- This idea turning me on again by Mr. Kojasteh but I don't believe it. Because in the society that people have problems for providing their ampulla's kid chemotherapy I cannot help the environment by doing such a work. Perhaps if it is bought and has given its money to Mahak may do it then, but until dissolving this subject in my mind, I cannot do it. As long as to be able to provide a girl's dowry or to treat a mother I cannot make a piece of gold for the neck of a dog.
R- You answered the best because the pet-shops envolve these problems now, especially the pet-shops which have only expensive collar. 
M- With respect to all ideas, I think if I bring an animal into my house and keep it one day that is an animal would hurt out. After my dogs I am not interested in bringing a decorative dog to my house an keep, and if I want to spend time and energy for keeping I will bring a hurt dog or accidental dog from the shelter. In this way it may have good life beside me. But I respect to other people ideas and during 16 years that I kept dog, it protected me in the mountains and into the forest.
R- How much you are familiar with pet magazine and what was the difference of this magazine with other magazine?
M- Really I don't deal with pet magazine, but everything from culture point of view can give information to people is useful. First of your magazine. I will not criticize your magazine because first edition cannot be free from mistake and if there is any problem I will let you know and congratulate your entrance to noticing and cultural arena in the animal field. 
R- Do you deal with social networking and following animal area?
M- I didn't have mobile phone till 9 years ago and didn't check my Email. When my kid started going to school I look a phone mobile for knowing her school and for unexpected happenings and entered networking and now I check networking every other day and I give comments in the cases I have information about them and I have one day presentation without mask and I comment very straight and when criticize to my comment I learn a lot of things.
R- Do you follow kabook magazine page?
M- Why not. Of course I will send your posts to my friends and when I see a person passing the right way at least I push him.
R- Do not be tired. This interview was one of the most attractive interview and we did not  think on the back of your subtle face so much experiences is hidden.