News News 4th pet supply exhibition، 26th to 29th June Milad Tower Tehran , Iran

4th pet supply exhibition، 26th to 29th June Milad Tower Tehran , Iran

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For the fourth time, we proudly presented foreign and domestic companies in the 4th pet supply exhibition. Holding this exhibition was a great national movement in the field of veterinary and environment, which besides introducing the capacities and capabilities of Iran’s livestock industry; it provided a space for scientific developments and employment in the country. 

Following the wide welcome by enthusiasts and environment lovers, the space of the exhibition increases each year and in coordination with the authorities of the Milad Tower, the space of this year pet supply exhibition was twice the size of last year, so the area of about 4200 square meters provided for producers and activist in this domain.

Our primary goal is not to only display a booth, but we are always trying to make people more familiar with the role of pets in their lives.
The 4th pet supply exhibition was held over 4 days on 26th to 29th June from 10 am to 10 pm with more than 40 specialty booth, a workshop with experts, environmental NGOs, veterinary and animal science activists, as well as livestock industry owners which drew over about 9500 specialized visitors.
The exhibition had so many guests from all over the world, such as Germany, Netherland, Italy, Poland, Australia, etc., whose you can read their comment in the next part.
This year’s exhibition was different from the past events, as on the second day, skin rejuvenation course for animals was held under the supervision of Iran’s Veterinary Organization, which made the atmosphere of the exhibition more scientific than the past. It is proper to appreciate Dr Siamak Mashhadi Rafiei, the well-known educator of this course. 

Strong sponsors, such as JM Vet Group along with its foreign guests were present at this year exhibition, which had a 500 meter booth. The other companies were Tatako company with a 300 meter booth, DPS Group, a distribuation Company called seven, Manook sabz dasht, Nina pet, Pooya tadbir pet, Pishgaman Maral, Iran Vet Care, Dena Teb trading company, Nutri Pet, Armis Pet, Faranegar and so many others appeared well in this exhibition that we like to appreciate them all for their help and trust in us, otherwise we would not be able to create such a great event. 

Like the past years, this exhibition had a great opening reception to the dignity of this small but full of potential society.
The opening began after the recitation of Quran and the holy hymn of the Islamic Republic of Iran. There were special guests from national veterinary organization, such as Dr. Mahdavi Nejad, the director general of Drug and Treatment affairs, Dr. Abdollahi from livestock disease management office, Ms. Raouf, public relation specialist at Iran’s Veterinary Organization, Mr. Hossein Sheibani, public relation specialist at Iran’s Veterinary Organization, Dr. Mohebbi, The head of Veterinary society of Iran, Mr. Karoon, CEO of Karoon company and rescue dog trainers for Iranian Red Crescent Society.
The first speech was given by Mr. Mahdavi Nejad about the cooperation of veterinary organization for facilitating the import of biological and pet hygiene products. And then, Dr. Payam Mohebbi, the head of Iranian veterinary society explained about the maturity of today society and the efforts of producers, importers and pet exhibition holders, as well as breeders who are at zero point of this guild.
In the end, Dr. Jalal Mirfakhraei talked about the industry growth in recent years and culturalizing this topic among people. 

After that, it was the time for award ceremony that with Dr. Mohebbi’s help, we granted valuable awards of Hami Gostar Heyvanat company to our friends, guests and exhibitors and this event ended with launch reception.
The exhibition was the host of special guests like Dr. Amir Azad, director general of pharmaceutical affairs of the Drug and Treatment office, Dr. Amir Salimpour, Registration and studies specialist at Drug and Treatment Office, Mr. Hamid Steeli, Mr. Mohajerani, Mr. Azarang, Mr. Babak Jahanbakhsh, Ms. Negin Motazedi and Ms. Shohreh Soltani. 

In this exhibition, we had a special guest named Tida, which is proper to appreciate the chief police of monitoring public places of Tehran, who allowed Tida to attend the exhibition.
When it comes to pet, we have to remember that there is an industry with unparalleled export capacities that is still unknown to many. For example, some of the developed countries today, provide part of their income from exporting animals or their products, which includes drug and bomb search dogs, decorative fishes, venom and antidote of snakes, birds and etc.; a topic which is neglected in Iran.
We hope that each year we will see the growth of this community throughout Iran.
We will see you at the next exhibition.
Hami Gostar Heyvanat