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Third Livestock Supplies Fair

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The third livestock supply fair will be held July 6-3, 2012 in Milad Tower Hall. The second round of the exhibition was held at the Spinase Palace Hotel and the first course, at Aludianye Hall, which was welcomed in both periods. The Milad Tower exhibition director said: "The establishment of a livestock trade fair in the Milad Tower was aimed at reconciling citizens with urban and domestic animals." "The establishment of such specialized exhibitions is a great opportunity to introduce the city's hidden capacities and potential in the field of animal and environmental sciences," Leila Nagavian said, and such meetings could largely reflect these hidden cantons of the capital.

He argued: "Without a doubt, the third exhibition of livestock supplies in the Milad Tower could undoubtedly be interesting and informative for thousands of visitors every day, especially as several training stands for pet and pets are also being set up. He continued: The Animal Science Exhibit intends to focus on animal welfare by focusing on animal welfare, as animal attention is not limited to campaigns and environmental friendly associations, but all citizens should go to the topic. Take small traps.

Maugavian noted: The third exhibition of livestock supplies in an area of ​​2,300 square meters, with the motto "With kindly urban animals", will take place on July 3rd-6th at the Milad Tower exhibition center from 10:00 to 22:00.